June 27, 2011


Posted by Lori~
We hit the farm a few weeks ago, and I am ALWAYS AMAZED BY THE HUGE GARDEN STEVE’S MOM GROWS!  IT IS HUGE and to me extremely daunting.   This summer, we are hoping to “plan” where our garden will go and get some grass seed planted (we actually put in a fence last summer and that tore up some of the lawn).  So next summer—garden here I come (but I assure you it will be about ¼ the size of Grandma Cher’s garden).

The garden goes on and on and on!

Strawberry plants!  We can't wait until they are ready!
One major problem with gardening is pulling weeds and of course, I am willing to do anything to eliminate weed pulling and make my garden as hassle free as possible. 
Cher has black fabric across most of her garden and cuts holes for plants.  She actually didn’t initially put down the black fabric (Steve’s Grandpa or Mur-Man’s Great Grandpa did) and the fabric is still there!  I AM AMAZED!  During the weekend visit, Steve, Mur-Man, and I assisted in the garden and it was slick! 
And to fill a hole, if you do not want a plant to grow, simply fill the hole with a square of fabric. 

No need to replace the fabric--just fill in the holes.
 This system doesn’t work as well for row veggies (like beans and carrots), but it works great for most plants. 

Look carefully--that is aspargus growing!  YUMMMMMYYY!
 Even Steve’s Aunt Patty and Uncle Joe sell this product and they SWEAR by it (yes, you can find similar products at home improvement and lawn care stores, but trust us...they are not the same).  I am SOLD!  EZ GARDENING HERE I COME! 

Uncle Joe did offer some advice…it is best if you plant your garden above the yard (or at a higher elevation) because the fabric allows the ground to store lots of water!  This will allow for run-off.  Also, because of the water saturation, do not over-water!  That sounds simple enough. 
Next summer, I will update you on my findings!  It sounds E-Z…doesn’t it?

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Lindsey said...

We use a Too EZ Gardening kit at our house in Plymouth. It is slick!

I spent many evenings after school packaging those gardening kits when I was home living on the farm. I also designed the logo. :)