June 7, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

I’ve always had great self-esteem.  Seriously, there could be a lot worse things.

These days, I consider myself a pretty foxy thirty-something wife & mom – but I haven’t really put myself into the BOMBSHELL category for a while (especially last weekend, for example, when we were driving down I-80 while I hand-held Easy Mac’s motion-sickness puke till Shaun could get to the next exit).

That all changed today.  One trip to Victoria’s Secret and I’m a BOMBSHELL once more!!  That’s right, they have a bra with that exact name.  Naturally Whit has a couple of them – she was so proud when I got mine.

All of this started, well, with breastfeeding.  I was always a comfortable ‘C’ cup, and I was fine with that.  When I nursed the twins, I was easily a ‘D’ and often a literal ‘DD’ when I was full.  My boobs were a thing of beauty, even if I was pretty much being milked like a cow. (I'm not complaining, I am so grateful that I was able to nurse my twins - 17 months!  I'd recommend it to anyone who is able.)
That was me.

Well, now that I’m past breastfeeding twins, my rack has shrunk down to a ‘B/C’, and they’re not quite as perky though, bless them, they try.  Push-up bras were made for ladies like us.

I’ve found a few nice miracle bras which don’t really increase my cup size, but which do perk up my girls nicely.  One thing I have observed with the standard push-up bra, though, is that they push your boobs together and leave the outside (near the armpits) a little unrealistically wanting.  Still, I was satisfied with this till I recently noticed my co-worker – she looked like she had implants put in – so I asked.  Nope, it’s this fancy new bra from Victoria’s Secret.  Sign me up!

So off I went.  I had a gift card from Shaun’s folks for VS from Christmas (THANKS Mom D!)  No sooner did I walk into the store than I asked a helpful VS lady to lead me to the bras that make you 2 cup-sizes bigger.  They knew exactly what I was talking about.

So here’s a key, Friends.  When you buy bras at places like Victoria’s Secret or department stores, have the sales lady take your bra measurements so you get a good fit.  I measured my standard 36 ‘B/C’ (depending on the bra), so the lady brought me a bra in each cup-size so I could see which one I liked best.  Well, I liked Madam C-cup best, so a BOMBSHELL bra in a 36-C, Nude, came home with me.

[I almost always buy nude bras for the bras I want to go with everything because the nude matches my skin tone, so you can’t see my bra lines under any color of shirt.  If you have darker skin tones, they make a darker color of nude.]

Well I can tell you that I am looking great in my new bra!  It’s a 2 cup-size increase for sure.  Mostly padding, but I’m not telling (oh wait, I am...).  Shaun can tell of course, but he’s not complaining.  And I am back to my good old-fashioned breastfeeding-cleavage days.  (Pretty sure I never figured I would write that sentence when I was 18.)  One of the things I'm most satisfied with is that the cleavage is realistic (i.e., not pushed so closely together, just amplified) and the sides aren't wanting, they are filled in too.

[Note: I'll put in an appropriate photo - but the picture server on our blog is down.]
WOMs, it is all about feeling like beautiful women, wives and mothers.  I’m not above a little padding to help here and there.  (Hearkens me back to the last day of college when I stuffed my bra with water balloons, but that’s a Riot Girls tale for another day.)  At $49.50, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s a good-quality investment, so it’ll last a long time and I’ll easily get my money’s worth out of it.  YIPPEE!


Katie said...

OH MY I love this post. I'm right there with you. I haven't bought the Victoria Secret version. Instead I opted for the knock off Maidenform brand but it is just I needed as a post breastfeeding mom! I agree. Amen. Fantastic!

WOM-MOMS said...

Thanks Katie! I had a lot of fun writing the post. Lori said it was totally me. :)