June 23, 2011


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Thrifty Nana and I stumbled on a street sale at lunch today in little city, MN.  It was so great.  Reminded me of Midnight Madness in Williston all up and down Main Street around the 4th.  All the peddlers would tote their wares on the sidewalks.  It was pretty cool.

So what did we find?  Well, we were a little restricted on time, so we had to power street-shop, but we bought:

4 hanging hand towels (2/$5)

These towels won't keep falling off the oven door handle!

2 Barbie wedding dresses ($12 ea.) and 2 Barbie salsa dresses ($8 ea.).  The details on these dresses is AMAZING.  Do you even know how hard it is to sew those little teensy arm-holes?  Impossible, that’s how hard.  The lady is from the same big city, MN, that I am, and who knew?  

These have ruffly petticoats too
Imagine sewing in those teensy-weensy armholes

One lady had GREAT baby stuff, but since I’m not in the baby-supply shopping mode these days, I found her RE-USABLE Swiffer duster cloth for $2 a no-brainer.  I’ll try it out and maybe even try to make one.

Fleece-er duster

One of my favorite things is something I didn’t buy, but I might be able to make.  It’s a little pig made out of a small propane tank.  They made a giant one, too, out of an old metal milk can.  Thrifty Nana has one, of course, so maybe we’ll make a sow too, but I might start with the propane piglet.

I should’ve taken a picture, but didn’t cuz again, not in the market – but there was a guy there who hand-harvests hardwoods and makes them into staircases and other fine woodworks – he had two of his cradles on display: one was oak and one was black walnut.  They were GORGEOUS. 

A quirky older couple made garden flowers out of old colored glass cups, bowls and plates.  They were super cool, but a little out of my price range for garden stuff at $40, especially since I don’t have a yard yet.

What a fun treat my lunch date with Thrifty Nana turned into today!  You never know the little gems you’ll run across driving past a small town Main Street.  Don’t forget to stop!

PS – we also saw a kid activity that we’ll be copying for a party near you: bury a bunch of change in sand on the street and let the kids dig it out.  How great is that?  It’ll keep them occupied for AGES.  What WOM doesn’t need that sometimes!

Happy Summer, Friends!

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