June 23, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Our fabulous friend and follower Kirsti happens to be author of the blog Living in Lovely LaLaLand .  She asked us to do a guest post/tutorial on how to make no sew roman shades using plastic mini blinds. 

One of my shades in my living room (I have 6 matching in my living/dining area)
These shades are brilliant, super affordable, and require NO SEWING!  Click here to check it out.  And of course…consider following Kirsti’s blog!  Her style is divine!


Kirsti @ Living in Lovely LaLaLand said...

Thanks Lori and Ethne!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lori and Ethne! This tutorial came at such a perfect time! I am making curtains for my remaining 2 windows in the dining room, and have been debating what to do with the blinds in the window above the kitchen sink since I really don't like blinds. But, roman blinds are perfect! And, this is super easy!! :)

Sabder Ali said...
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