June 9, 2011


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As a kid, I loved those fairy circles that would sometimes appear in the grass.  I totally believed fairies danced around them when I wasn’t looking.  

As an adult, I still love whimsical things – one of my favorites is putting ceramic fairy houses under the leaves of my plants on the deck.  I have a couple houses, each one different, from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and various art festivals around the Metro.  I do not own one of these (out of my price range by quite a bit), but I love them.

One of my fairy houses!

THRIFTY MISSION: Can I make fairy houses for the girls’ bedroom for around $90.00 less than the fairy houses I love but can’t afford?  Of course!

Fairy bedroom!

I had this craft in the back of my mind for a while – since the girls’ bedroom was coming together as fairyland – so I kept my eyes peeled for sales on the right goods.  As it happens, I found the wooden houses I used for the girls’ houses at JoAnn for $1.00 on sale.  I bought stickers, paint and brushes for around $5.00 total (on sale).  Moldable clay to make chimneys costs about $2.00 and comes in a zillion colors.

With these goodies in hand, I painted my fairy houses in bright colors, molded and baked the clay chimneys, then embellished with stickers, ribbon, and ladybug buttons.  For cute!

That was bare wood to start with!

To make a house to show you on the blog, I found this little wooden, bark house at Walgreen’s for $1.50 on after-Christmas clearance.  I used all of the materials I had from the girls’ houses, plus a few extras I had in my craft stash.

Hanging with the Tinkerbell curtain

First, I painted the roof ‘shingles’ in a partial checkerboard of green, and also used the green to paint lines of vine climbing up the side of the house.  With yellow and pink paint, I made floral dots along the vine.  Stickers and glitter sprinkled on Elmer’s glue finished it up.

Glitter, glue, stickers and paint - FREE from the stash!
I ended up taking the chimney off cuz it was too heavy.

How cute?  How easy?  Pulling the materials out of my craft tub took longer than actually decorating the little house. J
Can you see the ivy and flowers I painted up the sides?

Mission Success!

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