June 30, 2011


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Ethne and I follow lots of blogs---and there are several we LOVE!  One blog I recently discovered is the Beyer Beware blog.  She features a lot of great and easy recipes for a busy mom!  Ethne and I both love that.  One recipe that really interested me was making omelets in zip lock bags (that’s right and this means less dishes (AKA soaking pans)).

And so, I decided to try it (I hear this is popular recipe for camping, so consider it if you are headed out for July 4 weekend).  We weren’t camping, but thought let’s try it anyway.  I think doing this at home is a great idea too.

All you need is your typical omelet supplies (during our trial run we used eggs, fried bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, and green chili’s). 
FRIED BACON...It's a condiment in our house!

First up, you will want to mix up your eggs by whisking them well with a little milk or water.  Also prepare your omelet toppings by cutting, chopping, and/or frying.  It works best to set-up your table like a make-your-own omelet buffet. 

Cutting up onions.
Omelet ingredients!  YUMMMMYYY!
Using a large pot, boil your water. 

Each person can than “create” their omelet.  Pour into your zip lock bag (we used the sturdier freezer bag) your desired egg amount.  We would add about two cups of eggs per bag.  Then add your desired ingredients. 

Making my omelet!
Seal the bag and label (we used sharpies to label our omelets).  Then place them all (opening side up) in the boiling water.  Boil for around 15 minutes (or until done).
Ready to boil!

No omelet flipping required!

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