June 14, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Everyone hates a chore! Everyone hates some activity!  If you asked me…I could answer without hesitation my hatred for doing laundry!  It isn’t so much the act of washing the laundry…I hate folding laundry, and most of all putting away laundry!
I am not in the closet on this one.  My friends know, my family knows, Steve of course knows, and of course Ethne, my BFF, knows!  (And actually I am pretty sure Ethne and I would have this in common!   From long discussions, she tends to hate laundry as much as me!).

Unfortunately, I live in an old house where our bedroom is on the top floor (story and a half) and our laundry room is in a basement.  That is two flights of stairs, twists and turns, before I make my way to the laundry room!  It is kind of a nightmare! 
[Video of Mur-Man helping with laundry will go here...I am having blog difficulty loading!  Check back tonight after our "technical" husbands help!]
My house does feature a laundry chute (WHICH I LOVE!)  OUT OF SITE….OUT OF MIND!  What you don’t see can’t stress you—right!  Best of all when company comes over—anything and everything can go down that handy, dandy chute.
Someday I will get organized! Someday I will learn to get my laundry on!  MY MISSION—CLOSET ORGANIZATION, LAUNDRY ORGANIZATION!  I will keep you WOMS posted…I promise! 
PS:  Ethne loves using home-made laundry detergent and vinegar for fabric softener!  TRY IT!

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