November 2, 2011


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Lori and I are all over the Pinterest Challenge from two of our fave blogs: younghouselove and bowerpower

Were we up to the challenge?  HECK YEAH!

We decided we would each do one challenge from something we’d pinned on our Pinterest page.  Are you on Pinterest yet?  It’s pretty much like asking if you’re on Facebook yet.  Get with it!  It’s the best thing to come to the internet since FB.  Fact.  Click here to follow Wom-Mom on Pinterest.

The challenge pertains to Fall-ish holiday-ish things, and Lori was all over that.  I heartily approved.  I, however, decided to do two things I’d really wanted to do.

On one pin I saw a stencil on a wall which said:

‘Loved you yesterday
Love you still
Always have
Always will’

Love You Always Quote Lettering Decal - Vinyl Wall Sticker
My inspiration 
Well, I knew this was just the thing for me.  I thought it would be a great project for the girls ~ paint their own canvases.  And I’d grab a larger canvas for myself.  PERFECT!  We headed to JoAnn this afternoon and picked up three canvases (which were 50% off), and a few bottles of acrylic paint.  I found one that is soy-based and it’s low-VOC, which is good.  The JoAnn brand bottles were $.59 and the soy bottles were $1.99.  I got colors of each.  (Oh, and my canvas was $6.50 and the girls’ canvases were $3.50 each.)

Easy Mac drew a cat on her face with Thrifty Nana's eyeliner

I had a lot of primary colors of acrylic paint at home, so I really only needed black and white to make gray, and then a pink (the soy one) that I loved a whole bunch – though if you know me, you know that pink isn’t a hard sell for me to L-O-V-E.

Wearing our painting/baking aprons from Auntie Lori

Don’t bring toddlers to the paint aisle if you can help it seeing as four hands reaching out of the cart are like a paint hurricane.

The girls got a plate with a dollop of each paint color we had.  They got a small and large brush and could have at it however they wanted.  I didn’t get any of my canvas done.  That would’ve been idiotic when I was vigilantly monitoring the paint-fest going on at my island x 2 kiddos.  Their masterpieces are gorgeous, and will go up on the wall with mine.

Ready with paint and canvases


In the meantime, I took newspaper the size of my canvas and divided it into four length-wise sections to space out the four lines of my quote.  It worked out well – to keep the spacing even and to give me an idea of how big my words needed to be.

Trying to space things out right

When the girls were finished, I got started on my white canvas.  The original Pinterest picture had block letters that looked stenciled.  I was going free-hand, but tried for the ALL-CAPS look.  What a mess.  It was so ugly I considered throwing out the whole canvas.

Instead, I painted the canvas the gray color I used for letters – this covered it up and would provide me with a base color for the next try.  I let it dry and then got out my quote book to practice writing some cursive letters.  I got to the letter look and spacing I liked and used really small brushes this time.

Take One: gone-zo

The newspaper still helped me with spacing.  The gray was roughly painted on, and with the color of it, I thought it looked kinda like an old-fashioned chalkboard.  This grew on me quickly.  I mixed up a really light pink for the words and got to my paint-writing.  I used the pink soy paint for the hearts.

Pink of course

It’s not perfect, but I’m in love.  And for me, the imperfections in life turn out to be the good stuff.

Sherry, I hope you like it! J

PS – Shaun gave me a few other quotes I could’ve painted on there, but you’ll just have to use their imaginations.  This is a family-friendly blog…but I did get a good laugh at one of them which hearkens back to ‘Wedding Crashers’.


alyssa Haws said...

This would look great in a master bedroom. It's always fun getting kids involved with a project! My two year old helped me with my butterfly art pinterest challenge.

WOM-MOMS said...

Can you send over a link?

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Love the quote and think it turned out great!

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