November 16, 2011


Posted by Lori~

The planning continues for Mur-Man’s second birthday party and yes, he MUST be dressed like an Angry Bird for the party.  I have seen lots of shirts for sale, but thought…I can make that shirt for much less!  EVEN BETTER…FREE!

The best part is that there are LOADS of patterns on the Internet.  

I simply traced the pattern onto the fusible interfacing (AKA wonder-under).  It worked slick, because the interfacing was see-through and easy to trace.

I cut the interfacing and ironed it (rough side down) onto the fabric. 

From there you peel the film from the interfacing off and iron it directly onto your shirt.

The next step is sewing the fabric on by doing a simple stitch along the raw edges (I opted to do a straight seam but you could also do a zig-zag stitch).

Done…total cost—NOTHING!  I had the shirt (it was a used shirt) and I had all the fabric and interfacing!  ADORABLE!

My attempt at getting Mur-Man to take a photo holding his "new" shirt!
Roger was a total trooper!
More Angry Bird projects to come…check back later!


JenPK said...

Ohhh...I think I'll make one for Smiles too so he can wear it to the party!

WOM-MOMS said...

Do it for sure...I think katie and emma will be coming in shirts too!