November 29, 2011


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Mur-Man will be two this Sunday and his party is this Saturday (MAN—HE IS GROWING UP TOO FAST!).

So…Angry Bird mania is happening at my house.  I spent the weekend in my hometown in oil-boom, ND and of course enlisted the help of my mom (Crafty G-Ma) to help out in making Angry Bird plushies!

I love crafting with my mom…but of course this was another marathon project!  We started at 8:00 a.m. and didn’t wrap up until 11:30 p.m. (and I stayed up longer to finish up more details)!

Seriously...this is the ONLY photo I took of my mom working on the birds!
We didn't want to show our faces!  Seriously though, I LOVE her sewing machine!
But it was worth it…they are adorable.  I used the pattern and instructions found here.

My nephew J actually wore this shirt to help make the birds!
And the best part was my nephew J (who happens to be an Angry Bird fanatic) helped out, as well as my brother’s girlfriend Dena!  It was GREAT!

J all grown up...he will actually be sporting an angry bird costume to the party!
J and Dena (she is SUPER CRAFTY!)
And I think the results are FABULOUS!

BABY PIG!  Mur-Man will be getting a King Pig!

You can't read it...but that's the birthday menu
The best part is this project cost me NOTHING!  We still had fleece left-over from Mur-Man’s superhero capes from his first birthday party and of course mom had all the rest! 

More Angry Bird projects to come…I PROMISE!  And of course photos from the party!  I can’t wait!

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