November 23, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

As promised, I knew it was a MUST for the girls to have Angry Birds hair bows for Mur-Man’s 2nd birthday party we’ll be heading to in a few weeks.  Super exciting!  We’ll do Angry Bird t-shirts like Mur-Man’s here too, but I’ve gotta find red Good Will shirts first.  I’ll make them when I get to little city because Lor’s already got the stuff.

Yay, party!  [self portrait by Easy Mac]

I watched the tutorial from this site, which laid it all out pretty well (one thing that's helpful is how she heat seals the ends of the ribbon so they don't fray, but basically she touches the ends of the ribbon with a flame until it melts slightly).  Her ribbon sizes were a little bigger than mine (so the lengths of her ribbons were longer), but I found that my ribbon selections worked just fine:

Two 6” pieces of 3/4” wide red grosgrain ribbon (for the head) ($1.67 with 40% off coupon for spool)

One 6” piece of 3/4” wide white grosgrain ribbon (for the head) ($1.67 with 40% off coupon for spool)
Two 2” scraps of the red ribbon (for the head feathers)
One 2” scrap of 3/8” wide orange or yellow grosgrain ribbon (for the beak – I used orange) ($1.99 for spool)

2 small scraps of black ribbon for the eyebrows
2 googly eyes – whatever size you want – mine were 7mm ($0.49 package)
Hair clip or ponytail holder – I used ponytail holder
Matching thread colors, scissors, lighter (for heat sealing the ribbon ends)

Obviously I will have extra ribbon left over, so the project itself didn’t cost exactly that much per bow – of course I had to make two.

Follow the directions the lady gave in her link here and the video she embedded in her post.  It’s pretty easy.  The pictures of the steps are below:

scrunch to a bowtie
wrap tightly around center with red thread
tie thread ends tightly to a knot and snip ends
scrunch three bows together with white on bottom
larger width ribbon would be a bit fuller
fold this strip into a loop that's angled in a triangular fashion
to look like a beak;
glue then snip the ends and seal the loose ends with a flame
fold this scrap of red ribbon into thirds and glue shut well;
snip in half and glue together in a slight 'v' shape
glue on the triangular beak;
glue on the googly eyes;
glue on the eyebrows;
glue the hair feather 'v' onto the back
glue the clip or ponytail hold onto the back

I’m really pleased with how these bows turned out and can’t wait to see all the coordinating Angry Bird party kids. J


Ethne said...

**Note: you can make the hair feather 'v' pieces a little longer depending on how high you want them to stick up. Ethne**

Anonymous said...

I think your angry bird bow is cuter than the one that the video shows. I like the narrower ribbon you used. Good job!

Ethne said...

Thanks! xo E