November 7, 2011


Posted by Lori~

I can’t believe it but my Mur-Man will be turning two in just under a month!  It is CRAZY how time flies!

First up, we have a theme.  Angry Birds of course—courtesy of Steve and Mur-Man’s new obsession with that crazy game on Steve’s new I-Pad. 

Notice--ROGEY!  The best dog EVER!
And the capes from last year's party!  

Next up, the invite.  My Steve is awesome at graphics and I have to share.  We are planning a kid party for all of Mur-Man’s great friends (including K-D and Easy-Mac).  We are also planning a family party, because our family (Steve’s family actually) is HUGE! 

It will be a great party!  MUCH MORE ON THIS LATER (Including a weekend with Reagen devoted to Angry Bird décor).

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