November 30, 2011


Posted by Lori~

I recently went thrift store shopping and found two items that I had to have! 

First up…is this “Norwegian” calendar.  Actually, I have no idea what language it is, but is sure looks Scandinavian to me.  You see…it brings back memories for me.  My father is 100% Norwegian and my Grandmother could speak fluent Norwegian.  (Unfortunately, Grandma Dagny is no longer around to translate for me).  It is my heritage and was MUST for my wall.  I will need to do some checking to ensure that it in fact is Norwegian.  TOTAL COST=$1.25!  PERFECTION!

Next up, I found this basket with frog lid.  It caught my eye and is the perfect spot to catch junk (keys, pens, receipts, and so much more).  TOTAL COST=$2.00! 

I love thrift stores…especially when I find one-of-a-kind items.

PS:  If any of you know Norwegian!  PLEASE HELP!  


Gail R said...

Sorry Lori, but your calendar is actually German. Freitag is Friday in German. Very cute items though!

Your Holiness Queen Tatahana said...

Yup it's German alright but it is very cute.

WOM-MOMS said...

Oh shoot...oh well! German it is! My bad, but I still love it!

Ethne said...

I'm German and Swedish Lori - you can give it to me... Eth