November 24, 2011


Hallelujah it’s Thanksgiving in the United States and this equals a four-day weekend for me!  YIPPPPEEE! I am headed to my hometown—boom town ND!  That’s right…I can’t wait to see my family!  I am thankful!
I am thankful for so many things…I love life.  I wouldn’t change anything!  And here’s why:
1.    I love my husband Steve and am thankful that he makes me laugh, is uber-intelligent, wears sexy glasses, and is my best friend (of course equal to E).  He will see a chick-flick with me…no question!  He reads the blog daily…no question!  He is mine and I am thankful!

2.   I love my Mur-Man!  I love that I have a boy full of life and almost two.  He is adorable, he is sweet, and I L.O.V.E. when he says he loves me too!  I am thankful!

L.O.V.E. him!
3.   I love my dog Roger!  I love watching him give Mur-Man kisses and putting up with Mur-Man’s toddler roughness!
4.   I love my friends!  I surround myself with people who make me better!  Thank you friends for helping me laugh until there are tears in my eyes (Ethne—you do this all the time), thank you for listening to anything and everything happening in my life.  Thank you for improving me!

Oh the high school memories--I feel lucky!
5.   I love my family!  I love my mom…I love that we are very similar!  I love my dad…I love that he is a kind soul.  I love my sister and brother—how did we the three of us turn into such wild ones?  I love my nephews—they are ADORABLE and thoughtful!  I hope Mur-man will be just as thoughtful too.
6.   I love my students!  I love that they make me feel young and that I can help them grow!
7.   I love my house!
8.   And of course…I LOVE WOM-MOM!
I am truly thankful! 

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