November 2, 2011


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My second Pinterest Challenge project was my version of the Turbie Twist wet hair wrap ‘As Seen on T.V.’  I have another one that Mom Connie got for me at Herbergers years ago, so I know it’s not a completely original idea, but I liked it.  Get on Pinterest immediately, and then follow Wom-Mom here.

Pretty much what you need to do is fold your towel in half the long way.  You can free-hand cut the rounded edge and lines from the towel.  The widest part of the towel section is 10” and the thinner end is 5”.  I really think you can make this just by eye-balling it.

My original twist on top of the folded towel
On my version, the finished end of the regular towel is
along the bottom, the fold is along the right, and
the loose ends (narrower) on the left

By using the finished edge of the towel, I didn’t have to sew the edge under.  SLICK!

I sewed the top unfinished edges with a serger-type stitch on my sewing machine.  Zig-zag stitch would work fine.

The kiddos always have their paws on my sewing projects
The serger/zigzag stitch on the right will keep fraying stopped

Then turn it right-side out and stick a strip of elastic about 2” total in length.  That is sewn into the smaller end of the wrap.  A button is sewn on to the wider end.  [I used the button stitch on my sewing machine which was SUPER EXCITING since it was the first time I used it.  Worked just like it was supposed to.]

Wanna know where I get these elastic strings? They
are from the elastics that keep shoes together as pairs at Target
This button sewn with my sewing machine
button stitch - I am SO PROUD I DID IT!

Easy Mac is modeling here how it’s worn.  Isn’t she cute?  Oh, and she drew a cat face on her mouth with eyeliner this morning.  Since it’s a Saturday and Halloween is Monday, no biggie.  I’m all about the girls being creative like that.  We even went to JoAnn’s as an eyeliner cat.
You need a bath Easy Mac!
It was a little big on her
See the loop at the bottom right, which is the open side.
Button is on the other end.  Adjust it as you need to further
back on the sewn side to get the button and elastic to cinch right.

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