November 14, 2011


Posted by Lori~

And so it begins!  The party planning and preperation for Mur-Man’s 2nd birthday!  We are throwing an everything Angry Bird bash and my girlfriend Reagen came to town to help create fabulous Angry Bird décor!

Step one…we need affordable swag for the kids and what better than tub toys.  SUPER EASY.  One of Mur-Man’s favorite tub toys is the letters that stick to the tile or tub—and this will work just the same, but feature Angry Bird characters.

Mur-Man enjoying a cupcake while we were hard at work!
All you will need is that foam you buy in the craft section of your local Wal-Mart or craft store.  I spent just under $5.00 on a very large assortment (and I still have lots leftover).  I tracked down a great pattern by searching angry bird shapes on google images and came up with those silly bracelets. 

I enlarged them on my printer, printed, and cut them out.  Then all it took was a dull pencil, tracing, and cutting. 

PERFECTION!  And thanks to Reagen for all her help on this project.  Be on the lookout for more Angry Bird projects. 

Each child will get a set in a colorful paper bag!
I am currently debating making Angry Bird costumes for Steve and his best friend Scott.  I figure one will be a bird, one the pig, and they will wrestle on the front lawn as guests arrives (HILARIOUS!)  ETHNE SAYS ALMOST AS GOOD AS SECRET BUFFALO!

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