November 25, 2011


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I remind myself on occasion how blessed Shaun and I are.  I should do it more often.  When I wrote up this list, which is certainly not all-inclusive, the things I’m thankful for really added up.  I love my life!

I am thankful for:

1.    Shaun – he is my Edward.

2.    KD & Easy Mac – they are the loves of my life.

3.    Theodore – his health is still good!

4.    Our families – all of them!
5.    Whit’s Master’s degree – I am so proud!

6.    That when Emma wandered off at the Renaissance Festival a good person found her and returned her to us.  I don’t even know her name but she is an angel to me.
7.    Rich & Mel’s marriage – it is a joy to have them in our lives.

8.    Lori, Lori, Lori – besides the usual best friend stuff, I couldn’t write a blog with anyone else!  DECISION DONE!
9.    That Whit and Bryan will (hopefully) be moving back to big city in 6 months!
10.                 My GT Best Friends: Lor, Grizz, Steph and Slags
11.                 Dot being the most understanding realtor and wonderful friend – UM YA YA!
12.                 My slightly narcissistic sense of humor.
13.                 I have pretty nails and toenails.
14.                 McDonald’s unsweetened large iced tea for $1.
15.                 My HTC Droid Incredible.
16.                 Thrifty Nana loving Twilight as much as I do (Breaking Dawn was sooooo good.)

I'll never get sick of looking at him.

17.                 Thrifty Nana going Black Friday shopping with me each year.
18.                 My Singer Curvy.
19.                 That Shaun cooks and cleans more than his fair share – I’ll be better next year, Hon.
20.                 My wedding ring – I still smile every time I look down at it.
21.                 My VS Bombshell Bra.

22.       Pinterest.

See, that’s a lot of joy!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I hope your Holiday weekend is as lovely as mine has been!

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