November 30, 2011


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Last year I found a sweet new Christmas trick for the girls – Portable North Pole!

At four years old, they fully believe in Santa Claus.  I think it’s wonderful to see the spirit of the season through their eyes.  We explained to them that Santa and Jesus are friends and that Santa helps celebrate Jesus’ birthday by giving presents to good kids around the world, just like we share gifts with each other.

In that spirit, I was tickled when I came across their website last year.  You share some of your child’s information (first name, zip code – to give Santa directions, skills the child has worked hard on and what the child might want for Christmas).  This information is then compiled into a video, emailed to me, in which a real-life Santa talks to them.

This is not real Santa
It’s really amazing how real it is.  Last year, the girls thought it was so cool – complete amazement!

I’ve placed an order with the elves again at Portable North Pole – to be delivered a little closer to Christmas (it’s actually already sitting in my in-box so the timing is up to me).

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Anonymous said...

try the one at it's a little different -- you do it WITH the kids. we wrote about jesus' birthday in our letter and Santa talked about the real reason for the season in his video reply! also each child had a different video message from santa so they didn't think it was just a repeat. too bad pnp is doing it that way this year. :-( i think disney has one too.