November 8, 2011


Posted by Lori~

This post involves caulk and rugs in my Mur-Man’s room.  You see, I have tried lots of things to make them not slide around the room…including no-slip liner.  And of course, it didn’t work.

Roger posing on the rug!

Mur-Man disposing of rug liner!
At a recent coffee club outing, my girlfriend and WOM-MOM follower Katie told me about using caulk on the bottom of kid’s home-made shoes for gripping and it works great.  And so, I thought…maybe this would do the trick on Mur-Man’s rugs.

The best part is that I had a stash of caulk and so this attempt would be no cost to me.  We tried it…Steve’s caulked the rugs, the caulk dried, and guess what—it didn’t work.

Steve is ready to caulk!

A TOTAL WASTE OF CAULK!  Yes, my mind is in the gutter.  And the best part was that once Mur-Man heard caulk…he said caulk, caulk, caulk.  I chuckle while I write this post!

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Katie's Creations said...

Bummer! I was hoping that was going to be an easy solution to keep rugs in place.