November 18, 2011


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I don’t know about you all and your best friends, but there seems to be special lingo between Lori and me, and our GT best friends, that only we know.  Like those inside jokes that turned into terms only we use.

We will go on girls trip again....DECISION DONE!
Lori’s and my latest one is ‘DECISION DONE’.  We innocuously came up with it when we were starting up the blog almost a year ago (!!!).  We were making the choices of what it would look like and be named and so on, and instead of hemming and hawing, Lori just blurted out ‘DECISION DONE’. 

We LOVE cheerleading...DECISION DONE!
Now we use it for every decision we make, and not just about the blog.  We laugh every time since even though it’s an effective way to get things done, it’s also kinda clever.  Whoever of us says it first gets the final word and then there’s no more discussion.  DECISION DONE.

Ten-year reunion ROCKED...DECISION DONE!

Where this turns into a RIOT GIRLS worthy commentary is what things we apply it to.

For example, we decided that though each of our children are blessings and we love them NO MATTER WHAT, we decided that we wanted Lori’s next child to be a daughter (and mine would be a son if it ever came to that, tho Shaun says no on more kids, for now at least).  DECISION DONE.  What does this mean?  It means we’ll try all the tricks and Old Wives Tales we can come up with to ensure Lori gets her girl.  Do you know of any to help us?  For our moms reading this, NO, Lori is not pregnant now, but wants more kids SOMEDAY.

Mur-Man will try broccoli...DECISION DONE!
Another example, we decided that I was going to come to Mur-Man’s second birthday party.  DECISION DONE.  No more discussion, I’m getting my buns to little city, ND, with Angry Bird hair bows for the girls in hand.  (Gotta make those BTW, so I’ll share.)

One time Lori really wanted to have a Big Mac and fries and she called me for some willpower.  I gave her some anti-Big Mac encouragement and slapped a DECISION DONE at the end and she had no choice.  And guess what?  She did not have that Big Mac that night.

We think it’s imperative to get together, sans kids, for New Year’s Eve this year.  DECISION DONE.  I don’t know if our hubbies know this yet, nor do the grandparents know they will be watching the monsters that night.  But the decision is made, so it’s happening and that’s final.

See how slick this is?  It’s multi-tasking to the max.

Of course, there are other decisions we make with our DECISION DONE precision, but some of those are secrets only bff’s know.  Sorry.  I really am.  Cuz some of those are the funniest of all and where the real rioting applies.  But nope.  They can’t be shared.  If you have a bff, you understand.


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