November 18, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Do you have a room in your house where the entire neighborhood can see the happenings inside your home?  Well guess what?  I do!  That’s right…my kitchen window faces my side street (we are on a corner lot) and literally at night, lights on, the neighbors could see everything.

The "before".  It was night-time, so I am sure the neighbors spotted me taking this photo!

And so I have had a plan for some time to make café curtains.  SUPER EASY!

First up, I wanted to make a sheer lower curtain.  I crashed my fabric stash and found the perfect fabric.  A simple stitch, hem, etc. etc. and I had my lower curtains.  I used a tension rod for each window.

For the upper window, I found some awesome fabric at Wal-Mart for an affordable price.  Again, a simple cut, iron, stitch and I had curtains.  SUPER EASY!

Super affordable and no more worries about my neighbors enjoying the view.  The best part is that I think they look divine with my curtains in the breakfast nook (courtesy of crafty G-Ma or my mom)!

LOVE THEM!  Love the coverage!  WOMS—YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

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