November 20, 2011

HOLIDAY: Cork-a-pa-looza!

Posted by Ethne~

Well, we are in full swing Christmas gift mode in the D household.  And my extremely lucky hubby has the whole next week off of work, so he’s going to do some serious projecting.  His specialty?  Anything with wine corks!

My hand over the box for size reference - A LOT OF CORKS!

I saw at a tourist gift shop Up North one time a corkboard made out of wine corks.  I loved it.

And we drink wine.  Love it.  And Thrifty Nana, Dad and Mom Connie, and one of my bosses drink wine too.  They’ve made a practice of saving all their wine corks for me.  It’s fab.

My wine cork saving crock.

Shaun, a few years back, made me this wine corkboard.  It’s brilliant, and functional.  Dual purposes from décor on my wall?  Genius.

My cork board - gets lots of use

Next, he made one for my dad.  Dad’s been a wine connoisseur for ages, so it was only right.

Then I went on a kick of making wine cork Christmas tree garlands.  Those were sweet gifts.  I still have some drilled for that purpose. (Can't show you those yet b/c we haven't gotten our Christmas decor out yet.)

Then today when we were putting gift ideas together, we sorted through our corks and found we have a TON of them.  Hundreds.  At least.

I figured it was time we consolidated from the various bags we had them in.  I sorted out the really good corks (that are whole cork, not the composite kind) and those will be used to make the letters ‘D’ (for our last name) and ‘L’ (for Lor’s last name).  We’ve been wanting to do it for ages, since we pinned this on Pinterest.

I sorted my drilled corks out, for ease of finding next time I want to make garlands or ornaments out of them – FREE & EASY gifts!

We put the rest, composite corks and plastic corks (along with Champagne corks and stoppers) in our very large cork box.  I know there will be a use for them.  In the meantime, a few Christmas gifts will be in the works this coming week.

Sorted out for specific gifts.

Friends, if you like to drink wine, save your corks.  You’ll find loads of craft and gift ideas – some of which Lor and I will show you this holiday season.  And, you can sell them on ebay – so make a profit if you don’t use them yourself!

I keep my good corks in here - the solid corks:
mostly from French wines.

Happy sipping and crafting my Friends!  If you do any wine-cork related activities this holiday season, be sure to let us know.  I've got a few new ideas, one especially thanks to my co-worker KA.  Totally rad.

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Cherleen @ yesiamcheap said...

Great gift suggestion! I would like to try the framed cork decor. But first, I need to know where I can get those corks. Thanks for the idea!