November 7, 2011

MINI: Grizz the Bombshell!

Posted by Ethne~

Well, one of our GT bff’s and faithful WOM-MOM followers, Grizz, sent me a text this morning and said she got a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra.  I was so excited!  You know from here and here that I'm a BIG fan.

Her commentary: “Wowza!”

Grizz is in stripes at GT'10

She said I should say that she needs all the help she can get.  Bombshell will do the trick.  I wonder if her hubby CH will say it’s false advertising like Shaun says it is.  Oh well, what isn’t these days?  At least our boobs will be big and our cleavage busting out.

You mean I don't actually look like this?

Grizz also told m that she went to Super Target for groceries today, with COUPONS!  She saved $20.21!  I told her that the brilliance of this is it is the equivalent of paying for half of her Bombshell.  And she had a COUPON for the Bombshell too!

Let the money rain down!  Can’t wait to see you soon, Grizz. J <3 Eth

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