August 16, 2011

TEA LESSON PART FIVE: Cheap Keurig Iced Tea!

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Well, if you are an iced tea follower of ours, you’ll like this.  If you are a DC or coffee person, bear with me – I found another iced tea trick and I have to share it!

As we’ve discussed, Lori and I both have Keurig coffee pots in our homes (so do Thrifty Nana and Whit).  Shaun is the coffee drinker in the family, so he uses it far more than I do – I go for a nice cold can of Diet Coke (or as Special Guest Steph and I call it: DC) in the morning.

I was feeling a little left out till here when Lori told you about the new iced tea with lemon K-cups you can get for the Keurig.  Looked awesome, but I have to say, when I checked at Super Target, a box was $11.99.  I passed on the purchase, but that started the wheels a-turning in that rusty noggin of mine (it does happen on occasion)…

Could I get me some Keurig iced tea for cheaper than that??  YOU BET!

Our Keurig (Shaun’s Father’s Day present from TN, the girls and me) came with one of the little K-cup reusable filters.  I think if you buy them individually, they cost about $20 – infinite coffee usage – probably the THRIFTIEST way to use a Keurig Friends.  (Lori and I are planning to do an expose on where the cheapest place is to get K-cups – more on that soon.)

Re-usable K-cup filter

In a previous tea post (remember our ode to the Royal Wedding here and here and here and here?) I talked about how we have a direct source to REAL English tea (via my brother-in-law Rich).  Well, I figured that sacrelige as it may be, those tea bags would make GREAT iced tea.

The good stuff

So I tied those two together – I carefully cut open the individual tea bag and dumped the contents into the K-cup filter for our Keurig.  I filled my fave iced-tea glass (thanks CH!) to the brim with ice, hit brew for the second-highest size of mug and out the dalish tea came!  Fabulous!  Just as the iced tea k-cup Lori used here, it came out, melted enough ice to get cold, and was perfectly refreshing and delicious.

Cut open
Tea leaves
Filter into the Keurig, my
large glass is waiting

Thrifty Nana was at my house during this experiment, and she suggested I run the tea through one more time, and why not?  I brewed another cup (this time I just used a mug) – on the next smaller size cup setting.  When I drank down enough of my original glass of iced tea to add more ice and liquid, I did so, using this refill of tea.  It was perfect.

Piping hot!

So there you have it, Friends!  Keurig iced tea for CHEAP!  And FAST!


What’s better than CHEAP and FAST?  Well, we won’t go there for today.

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