August 17, 2011


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I normally use cotton balls with eye make-up remover at bedtime to take off my mascara and eyeshadow.  And I recently discovered the brilliant little invention called disposable make-up remover cloths.  Target’s Up & Up brand has them for a couple of bucks for about a month’s worth.

But I ran out.

What is a WOM to do?  Well, make her own of course?  What could be THRIFTIER anyway?

When Thrifty Nana and I were sorting through my clothes for give-away to Salvation Army this weekend, we set aside this old nightshirt I’ve had since Williston Junior High days.  That makes it older than I’ll admit.  These old cotton shirts (like your husband’s undershirt) are the perfect texture, and the raw edges won’t fray.

One last time as a shirt!

So the other night, I pulled out my rotary cutter and mat and cut strips, squares and rectangles.  I made the equivalent of the make-up remover cloths with about a 4” x 9” rectangle.  I made eyeshadow remover pads with about a 2” x 2” square.  There were a lot of these to go around out of the nightshirt, so I have plenty for a week or so’s worth of use.

Slice n' dice
Cutting off the seams
All that's left of old Mr. T-shirt
Scrub a dub

I have a jar I wasn’t currently using in the bathroom, so I put the square pads in there.  I also have a flushable bum wipe dispenser container that I put the remover cloths in.


Easy enough.

Still, the dry cloth isn’t going to get the mascara off my lashes, and even just water isn’t going to get the grease off of my oil field of a face.  It’s grease central by bedtime, Friends.

I decided to do a little experimenting.  Using an old squirt bottle I found in the closet (while cleaning), I mixed up 6 squirts of my Neutrogena face wash with water (the bottle full) and gave it a good shake-up.  Lots of suds, but now that the bubbles have settled, it’s a nice solution.  It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m pretty pleased with my creation.

5-6 squirts
big city tap water
I added more H2O after these bubbles settled
till it was full

I still use the Target Up & Up brand of eye make-up remover.  It’s cheap and I’m satisfied with it – oil free is the key for this chica.

I'll get some good use out of this for
a couple of bucks

Go GREEN WOMS!  There is certainly no reason to throw these fabric scrubbies away.  I put my small garment bag on a clip next to the hand towel and put used ones in there.  When it’s full, I’ll wash and be ready for the next go-round.  Perfect!

Ready to wash

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