August 24, 2011


Posted by Lori~

My husband Steve loves tennis!  He plays on a league, he runs the parks and rec program, and has even coached the high school team in our little city, ND town.  HE L.O.V.E.S. tennis and I am sure that my Mur-Man will take up this sport someday…it really isn’t an option.

Recently, actually roughly two years ago…Steve decided to purchase a tennis stringing machine.  You see—in our little city, ND town stringers are very few and far between and most often Steve would drive his racket roughly 1.5 hours to get it re-strung. 

GREAT idea!  Right!  Life is hectic and it sat in the basement for I’m not sure how long.  However, during our recent week at the lake Steve thought it was prime time to try out the machine.  And so, he strung and strung and strung…and in the end re-did three of his rackets.  Since then he has done a few for people in the community and he keeps practicing.

WOMS—why not take a hobby and turn it into a mini-business.  Steve loves it…and of course this WOM loves it even more.  Practice does make perfect.  And…a little cash in the pocket doesn’t hurt either!  

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