August 21, 2011


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Did the rest of you have a busy weekend?  We snuck in some relaxation into our schedule this past weekend, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  Good gracious if it could be like this every day of the year.

KD snapped this pic of me pureeing beets
for the girls' pink pancakes.  I thought it
was funny, even if blurry.

Thrifty Nana and I had some serious work to do – alterations for the girls’ flower girl dresses for the S-E wedding in two weeks (my birthday!!).  We had to take the dresses in a little bit and the bride wanted chocolate sashes to match the wedding colors, so we whipped those up as well.  DONE.

KD modeling her new 'tappy shoes' for the wedding

While I was waiting for TN to get to the house for alterations, I got to one of my Pinterest projects.  If you are not on Pinterest yet, GET GOING!  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.  You ‘pin’ stuff from wherever you see it on the web onto your Pinterest bulletin boards, and it takes the picture and URL with it, so you don’t have to remember what the website is for your idea or project.  AND you can follow other people’s Pinterest boards so you can see what other people out there are pinning in their own world wide web searches.  GENIUS.  If you aren’t on it yet, DO IT!  If you are on Pinterest already and aren’t following WOM-MOM’s boards, WHAT THE HECK? DO IT!

Adorable - I might try to make
the top version - you can see the link
from our Pinterest page
Anyway, I like a mix of craft, cooking, kids and DIY stuff on our Pinterest page.  But there is no point in just admiring things Lori and I pin, they should be made too!

You’ve seen here where I made the reusable sandwich bags – and they work great!

Sandwich time - super simple

Project #1: I wanted to make a satchel for my make-up brushes.  I found this one and pinned it to our WOM Pinterest board for crafts.  It was really easy and super slick.  DONE!  Total stash-buster Friends.  Scraps from previous Amy Butler birdie slings I’ve made.

So awesome.
Fold-over flap to keep the brushes in place
Different size pockets for the various brushes

Project #2: I wanted to make a hairpiece for the girls’ hair to go with their flower girl dresses for the S-E wedding.  I considered getting fascinators for the girls’ (and my) hair since my brother-in-law is from England.  But when I pinned this scrappy fabric rose to our Pinterest board, I knew it was the one.  This project was kind of putzy, but the directions were simple enough to follow.  I used the fabric to match the chocolate sashes, but any scraps will do – another stash-buster!  Gotta get a clip to adhere it to their hair and these shabby roses will be ADOR-A-BLE!

I had these fascinators made
for Easter.  They'll be showing their
fluffy little faces again soon.
Super cute.  Takes a while when, once again,
I'm making TWO!
The detail is pretty, huh?

What have you made lately?  Has it been an idea from Pinterest?  If you’re not already on it, what’s your excuse?!?  It’s AWESOME!


!shwa said...

How did you make the flowers? Teach meah please?!

WOM-MOMS said...

I followed this tutorial: