August 8, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Remember my curbside find?  Yes, during my little city, ND annual curbside clean-up days, I found Mur-Man an awesome toddle swing, but there was ONE major issue.  The current clasp was broken, but this is a simple fix.

First up, you must know that Steve and I (or I better say Crafty G-ma and Handy G-pa) purchased Mur-Man a swing set.  Steve and I researched extensively what swing set would work best in our yard, fit within our budget, and suit Mur-Man the best.  We decided to purchase a metal swing-set at Wal-Mart and shipped it site to store (FREE SHIPPING). 

Not a permanent location...once the sod is set--it will move.

We found that the metal swing sets were a much better bang for the buck versus the wooden options and decided to go that route.  In the end, the swing set cost us just over $140.00 (or cost my mom and dad), but we are very satisfied.

Not only that, but the FREE swing works great and Mur-Man loves SWINGING!  But it needed to be repaired.  SUPER EASY.  The clasp cost just under $2.00.  The strap/belting ribbon was FREE!  I simply used an old camera strap that fit perfectly.

I love those two words:  NO SEW

The best thing about this project is that it was a NO SEW FIX.  Simply cut the belt and loop it up.  Also, Handy G-Pa re-attached the lower strap with the original screw. 

The old strap was filthy!


Handy G-Pa (my dad) giving Mur-Man a ride!


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