August 15, 2011


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I’m a little embarrassed about this post.  I don’t think I’m alone out there on this subject, but still.

Dramatic reenactment by Easy Mac
of how I am embarrassed about this post.

That being said, MY ROOM WAS A MESS!  After the girls were born, our bedroom became the junk receptacle.  All of our papers got stashed on the desk, but not organized.  We always have a ton of laundry to do and can hardly keep up (Thrifty Nana helps, thankfully), so the focus became the girls’ things, their room, clothes, toys, etc., and our living spaces.  Plus, we did not anticipate being in this place for as long as we have (thank you, Housing Market, for crashing on us), nor did we expect to have twins in our two-bedroom place.  We’ve completely outgrown it.

Our bedroom was the final frontier.  I’m not pleased or proud of it, but there it is.

I don’t think that Shaun and I are the first parents to put our needs (in this case a clean bedroom) last after we had our kids.  Then the worse it became, the more we avoided cleaning it.  I desperately needed to go through my clothes and pare down, but that was no fun, so the clothes piled up on my dresser since I was out of hanging and drawer space.  BLECH.

Anyway, Shaun and I live in a condo and we’d like to sell it.  So we need to have it presentable for people coming in to view it.  No dust bunnies, no clothes piles, GONE-ZO.  Also, if we’re going to move, we don’t want to have to sort the junk out PLUS pack up the good stuff at the same time.  Packing is bad enough!  Finally, Shaun and I deserve to live in a nice space too, so we should have our bedroom be a nice place to be. 

(Bless my husband, Friends, he seriously is the best husband in the whole wide world.  For sure he and Steve (Lori’s husband) are the top two.  He puts his clothes away and cleans too!  I take a good chunk of the responsibility here, but living together and being married is a partnership, so we attacked this together.  TN (my mom) and Mom & Dad D helped too, A LOT!)

So here are the terrible before shots:

Can't wear my jewelry if the lid's covered - sacrelige!
Funny part: on the right are Space Bags waiting
to be used.
All the clothes to the living room to sort - Thanks TN!
What I don't keep is going to Salvation Army STAT!
And here is the progress:

What's visible is being kept - I donated a TON of stuff
Theodore jumped in to show his support.
Slowly coming together - can you find my possessed cat?
Dresser visible, but lots of small stuff to sort through still
I want this desk outta here, but we can at least see it now!

See how Sweet Baby T-Rex helped?  He was under our feet at all times.  If we were sorting clothes, he was on them.  If we were folding up bags, he was on them.  If we were vacuuming, he was stealthily tripping us from behind (he's not afraid of the noise).  He did show his support, bless his little heart.

And look what we accomplished!

Add the good bedspread, shams and window treatment and we're
getting there!  Theodore approves.  Shout out to Crafty G-ma
(Lori's mom) for making us that quilt for our wedding!
Nice walk-in closet!  A twin bed
would fit in there, no joke.
Can't be rid of the printer/scanner when
one writes a blog!
In my next house, we will get new, matching
bedroom furniture - but till then, it's clean!

We didn’t even stop there – we scrubbed and cleaned and organized all over the house!  It needs some more scrubbing and a bit more organizing too, but we are SO HAPPY!  We will be extra happy when someone makes an offer on our condo so we can sell it and get a little more space for our family!

Has this happened to any of you?  What room is your final frontier?  Get inspired!  It feels so good!  GO WOM!


Kirsti Lukens Craig said...

Well done!
I have to admit, I think your bedroom furniture is really cool. Have you considered just updating it with a painting and glazing? It would look awesome!

Anonymous said...

My bedroom!