August 22, 2011

CRASH MY STASH: Scent Experiment!

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Thrifty Nana (my mom) did a quick experiment today.  I’m not sure where I read about making reed diffuser scents, but I think I Googled it.  The breakdown: perfume (or essential oil, but I don’t have those laying around) and baby oil.  Simple enough.

TN, Whit and me: always looking for a thrifty
DIY activity - all 3 of us have lots of perfume
to spare

Thrifty Nana bought some Target Up & Up brand baby oil for $2.67 (Johnson & Johnson was $3.49 - either way CHEAP compared to what I paid originally for the reed diffuser + scent).  We have loads of perfume laying around (there’s only so much a person can wear, and we have a lot to be getting on with). 

Generic baby oil: we decided if it was
lightly 'baby' scented, no biggie

We mixed 50% baby oil and 50% perfume (in this case Bath & Body Works ‘sparkling peach’ scent).  Perfect for summertime.

Shaun broke the bottle neck off
when opening it for me; TN squirted
her perfume into her diffuser jar - pick ur poison

I had the reeds and jar from a reed diffuser I had gotten from Partylite a few years back.  The Partylite oil was all used up, but I smartly kept the reeds and jar.  PERFECT!

I have another one around here
somewhere - if I can find it...

Now since perfume isn’t an oil, it doesn’t mix with the baby oil (oil and water).  That’s ok.  I put the perfume in first, then the baby oil.  That should keep the perfume from evaporating, but the reeds should absorb the scent.

I have lots of little bud vases, too, so since I had some perfume left in the bottle that I used, I grabbed one of those, made another perfume/oil concoction, and stole a few of the reeds from my first diffuser.  Second reed diffuser, Friends!


There is a TON of baby oil left in the bottle, and Thrifty Nana already made hers too.  This project is practically free if you use stuff you’ve already got at home.  Isn't that the BEST KIND?

Grab some household leftovers and spice up your life!  (Do I date myself by admitting that I can quote that song?)  Anyway, I’ll let you know if this works and our house smells nice n’ peachy.  FAB!

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