August 26, 2011


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Ethne and I were lucky to graduate together in the year 1996…of course, this isn’t the 80’s…however we have many fond memories of the 80’s from our grade-school days.

A fellow 1996 graduate Sara and I dressing "80s"
And…I was lucky to have older siblings that happened to be in high school during the peak of the 1980’s!  WHAT A FABULOUS TIME! 

Christmas memories!
So many 80’s rock memories…you see in our little city, ND town of Williston, ND we drag main for a good time…and if I was lucky my sister would take me along for a ride (I FELT WAY COOL…IT WAS AWESOME!).

We even did it in a mini van--Ethne is in there somewhere!

This was the age of no cell phones and so the house phone would ring constantly, the 80’s music would be loud, and to get Lisa’s attention (her room was in the basement)…we would jump up and down on the floor.

My sister’s hair was BIG and I idolized her!  

And so…in celebration of the 80’s and my FABULOUS SIS (ETHNE LOVES HER TOO)…I am going to see POISON lead singer, Rock of Love Star, Celebrity Apprentice Brett Michaels LIVE and I cannot wait!  Of course there will be photos to share!  Hopefully my night will be WTF (WAY TO FUN) and not WTF! 

Here’s to a fabulous WOM-FILLED WEEKEND!

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