August 3, 2011


 Posted by Lori~

Remember my friend Jen?  She’s a roller-derby lady and recently did a guest post on how she and her husband menu plan for the week! 

GORGEOUS!  Not sure if baby M was in the picture yet!
My friends and WOM-MOM followers recently threw a shower for Jen and Baby?  Everything about this baby’s arrival was a surprise—sex and name!  I WAS DYING! (sorry Jen if I drove you CRAZY!)

Mom-to-Be, me, Karla and Reagen
Well…since then baby boy M arrived on Saturday and he is ADORABLE!  And Jen was a rock star! I am so happy my M will grow up with Jen's M.

Mom and baby are home and in honor of Jen, I thought it was fitting to feature her duck themed baby shower!  ADORABLE!  Here is a photo tutorial of the party complete with duck themed food, ducky décor, a giant blow-up rubber ducky, and so much more!  WOMS--you can do this too!

Karla is fabulous at scrap-booking and whipped up this banner!

Filled with home-made ducky cookie pops!
The punch tasted as good as it looked!
We served these cupcakes plus cheese and quackers and of course a lot more!
Congrats Jen and Aaron...WOM-MOM couldn't be happier!


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That's so cool. I like all the rubber duckies. I think that would make a great theme for a boy or girl. It is really easy to have a nice baby shower without spending a lot of money.

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