August 30, 2011

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Lori on…button down dress shirts!

Posted by Lori~

Not sure if you noticed this, but my hubby wears button down dress shirts everywhere! 

Steve's head-shot!
I MEAN EVERYWHERE!  Doing chores…like lawn work and painting (he wonders why all his clothes have paint on them…..hmmmm, interesting!).  Swimming in a lake…yes, he wore a button down short sleeve shirt in the big DL, ND lake---no joke.

Short-sleeved dress shirt...but still a dress shirt!
And to bed….I am not kidding.  It went from night sweater, to button down shirts, to night blazer.

Mur-Man rocks the blazer and dress shirt too!
But I love it!  I love his sexy look.  And the best thing…is that he has thick rimmed little glasses…which coordinate well with dress shirts.

Mur-Man's first concert!  WEEZER!  Steve--in dress shirt!
Oh, and let’s not forget blazers.  During the winter months….his go-to uniform/outfit is dress shirts, blazers, and jeans.  Our guy friends even wear blazers out to commemorate Steve’s love for blazers.

80's party--cosby sweater WITH PINK DRESS SHIRT!
I love my man….I love his clothes!  WOMS—DO YOUR HUSBANDS HAVE GO TO OUTFITS?  PLEASE SHARE!

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