August 19, 2011

DOUBLE-HEADER FRIDAY: Folding Fitted Sheets!

Posted by Ethne~

On Girls Trip, you never know what fun subjects might come up.  My favorites involving hearing about what the yay-hoos in our hometown are up to.  But one especially fun thing happened at GT’11 – folding bed sheets.  You read correctly.  Can you think of a more awesome way to spend time with your best girlfriends?  Not me.

Best girlfriends!

We had to wash and fold the laundry we used at the cabin, and I happened to be roving around taking pics and I came upon what we immediately realized was a blog post: how does a person fold those dag-nammit fitted sheets?  I know (thanks to Thrifty Nana who trained me up young), but a lot of people out there don’t.  Are you one of them?  If you are, you’re in for some mad skills today.  Special Guest Steph will do the demonstration for us:

First, lay your fitted sheet down with the ends facing upward.

Start in the corners

Stick your hands into two of the fitted corners and fold the sheet in half.

Two corners together

Shove the fitted corners in your hands into the fitted corners on the other end so they rest smoothly within each other.  Fold in half again and do this same thing.

Tuck the sides in nicely
All the fitted ends folded together and nearly square

Now that the ends are together, smooth out and fold like normal.  It’s simple!  You’ll never have a smooshed up fitted sheet poking out of your linen closet again!
Nice and neat
A thing of beauty!
Thanks Special Guest Steph!

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