August 12, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Or…I like to call it travel pouch!   This craft is super easy, requires very few supplies (cost me NOTHING), and takes little to no time.  Perfect for this WOM.

G-Ma's purse!  SUPER CUTE!
Crafty G-Ma first brought this craft to the lake cabin, but we ran out of time.  Too much crammed into one week!  So, Crafty G-Ma and Handy G-Pa came for a visit, and we decided to whip up this purse.  SUPER EASY!

Supplies needed:

One wide necktie (choose a tie that has no straights line or matchy pattern—trust us….this makes it easier)

Matching lining fabric (at least a piece that is 11 X 16 inches)

Muslin fabric (at least a piece that is 11 X 16 inches)

1 ½ yards of thin braid for the handle (this is optional—I opted not to do this)

11 inches of 3/8 inch wide elastic


Decorative button to match


1.      Starting at the wide end of the tie, measure six inches from the end and cut.

2.      Next cut six additional pieces cutting every 7 ½ inches starting where you left off (with the exception of the small tip—toss)

3.     Remove the thread and interlining from the six additional pieces (not the wide piece) and press flat.

4.     Now working with your ironed flat pieces (six pieces), divide the pieces so that you have a large piece for the front/back of the purse and two small pieces for each side.  Sew right sides together and iron outward. 

5.     Cut out your muslin using the pattern.  Cut out your lining using the pattern.

6.     Place the muslin pattern on the wrong side of the 2 pieces and sew around using a ¼ inch seam.  Trim.

7.     Sew the two pieces together—right sides together leaving the top open.

8.     Place the braid on the side seams (this is optional—I decided not to do this) and the flap on the right side on one side.

9.     Sew the lining (leave the top open and a 3 inch opening at the bottom of the lining).

10.                        Place the tie bag inside the lining right sides together and stitch all around the top.

11.                        Turn the bag right side out by pulling through opening in the lining.  Press.  Stitch a very narrow seam (close to the top edge.

12.                        Starting at the back of the purse (under the flap) sew a seam a little wider than the elastic leaving a 1 ½ inch opening.  Thread the elastic through using a small safety pin.  Overlap the two ends and stitch.  Sew the opening closed.

13.                        Sew the Velcro and the button for decoration.

My finished purse--perfect for travel!

Here's what Mur-Man did while G-Ma and I sewed!  


Reagen said...

I miss Murman so much. He gets bigger in every pic I see!

mabel_doll said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I have been on the hunt for instructions on how to make one of these.

Do you have an example of the pattern piece you refer to in Step 5. I would appreciate any additional detail you could provide. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...finally I found some instruction. I was for quite a while on the hunt for. Just too bad that you guys were not able to do a video as I'm not very good with sewing (and all the terms). But will try my best to try a purse out. Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where the pattern is that you mention for the muslin? Looks like a great purse but need the pattern. Thanks

Unknown said...

So disappointed the pattern was not included. I've seen one of these made up and it is so cute. Will you ever print the pattern? said...

Now comes the latest wordpres entitled