August 16, 2011

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Ethne on...Celebrity Height!

Posted by Ethne~

I was riding the commuter train home the other day and Lori and I were having our usual bff/blog chat.  We randomly got on the subject of how tall celebrities are (this is a guy-only inquiry, we aren't interested in chick heights).

Train banner.
I take this train!

Lori and I were talking about how the Black Eye Peas (Fergie is married to Minot native Josh Duhamel) are putting on a concert in Minot, ND, to fund-raise for the flooding there over the summer which was OUT OF CONTROL.  We were drooling over how hot JD is, and whether he was in high school the same time we were (since we were cheerleaders we could've seen him when we played the Minot teams), which he wasn't.  Anyway, Lori said that he's a lot shorter in real life than he seems in the movies.

We decided that, since the height of our men is a big deal to us (both Steve and Shaun are tall, dark and handsome), we needed to Google our fave celebrities and see if they would meet our exacting standards in person.  So let's see:

Josh Duhamel: 6' 3.5" - Lori was totally wrong!  He's sexy tall!

Joe Mauer: 6' 4" - Even his sideburns are tall.  LOVE HIM!
Soooo hot!

Tom Cruise: 5' 8" - Evidently he wore higher heeled shoes in Interview with the Vampire so he wouldn't look so much shorter than Brad Pitt who's 5' 11".

Chris O'Donnell (HS fave of Lor's): 5' 10"

Shaun: 6' 1" - I'm 5' 6", so I can wear whatever stiletto heel I want, unlike Katie Holmes!

My man is nice and tall

Steve: 5' 11" - height, button-down shirt and little-framed glasses are like catnip to Lori!

Sorry Steve, I couldn't resist using
this picture of you as a buffalo in
rollerblades at the roller derby.
Where are your little glasses Steve?  You
should never take those off!

What's your catnip, Friends?

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