April 15, 2011


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I am ECSTATIC about the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine.  (If the Queen doesn’t allow her to be Princess Catherine after the wedding, I’m going to be majorly ticked.)  Now I don’t have any particular stake in the wedding (I checked, I'm not listed here), but I do have a brother-in-law from England, and my ancestors came over from England in 1630 (no joke).  I’m probably William or Kate’s 16th cousin or something.
More than that, though, the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding is just what my childhood dreams were made of.  I’m pretty sure I did an impromptu speaking gig in Mr. Gilbertson’s 6th grade class; we were supposed to tell the class what we were going to be when we grew up, and since I was going to be a princess, I fielded all sorts of questions, my time in the spotlight only ending when it was time for recess.  Prince William is so handsome (thank his mother for that) and Kate is lovely.  And that ring, rock on.  I have sapphires in my wedding ring, so I can totally relate...

When Whit (Special Guest) was over in England, she visited the Crown Jewels several times.  I’m so jealous.  She reported that the jewels were so large it was hard to believe they were real.  And my bestie Steph (Special Guest) and I have examined all of the Queen’s wedding tiaras multiple times and id’d the one we’d pick for Kate ourselves.

The Queen didn't get back to us about us borrowing her tiaras

Most of all, I’m just DYING to see what her dress, veil and wedding band are going to look like.  In order to do so, I swear I’m going to get up at 3 a.m. and watch the nuptials live on either the Today Show or BBC America, I haven’t decided.  And just in case I can’t get myself up, I’ll DVR it on both channels. J

So in princess wedding spirit, Lori and I thought that KD and Easy Mac should have tiaras for wedding-watching.  I had my eye on these from Disney Family, and so I made my own, with extra embellishments, for the girls.  This tiara is inspired by Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled, which is our new favorite movie.  Of course, the craft had to be THRIFTY, especially since everything I make for the girls ends up being doubled - twins.  (Not so bad when we’re talking about felt and ribbons, but when it comes to buying double car seats, toys, beds, clothes, daycare, etc., watch out!)

This is what I bought:

Hair combs - $1.49 each x 2 = $2.98
Felt - $0.29 per sheet (I bought green, light pink, dark pink, light purple and dark purple) = $1.45
Flower bunch - $1.79 on sale
Small pink ribbon, light and dark – 2/$1.00
Small purple ribbon, light and dark – 2/$1.00
Sheer pink ribbon - $1.00
Small pink ribbon flowers - $1.29
Deco feathers - $1.99

TOTAL: $12.50 / 2 tiaras = $6.25 [factor in that I have leftovers of everything for future projects and the cost is technically even less!]

KD pointing out my materials

I also needed scissors, paper for making patterns and my glue gun.  The mini tiaras came with the girls’ Disney Princess Valentine’s card from Shaun – it was supposed to be a barrette, but the clip broke apart when I tried to take it off of the card.

I cut out a green base of felt, 2 light flower petals and 1 dark petal (pink and purple, respectively – Easy Mac will get the pink one, KD will get the purple one).  Next I cut ribbons around 20” in length – pinks and purples, respectively.

Gotta have ribbons.

With my glue gun, I glued the center of the ribbons onto the green felt base, the long loose ends going away from me.

I glued the dark petal in the center of the green felt base, then a clump of four feather strands to the left of the dark center petal.  I glued the light petals on either side of the dark petal (the left light petal on top of the feather base).

Felt petals
Feathers make it an official Fascinator
It's a word, look it up.

Last, I just needed to glue the flowers and mini tiara into an arrangement I liked.

Metal comb ready for sew-on
Teeny tiara

I hand-stitched the tiara onto the hair comb and we’re ready to watch the real-life royal wedding!!  (I may be digging my wedding tiara out of storage for myself to wear.)  Keep watching for Parts 2 and 3!

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