March 15, 2011

My Little Leprechaun: Kid Tie

Posted by Lori~
Mur-Man has a little bit of Irish in him and of course I require my kids to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  My husband’s go-to look has always been jeans, a dress shirt, and a blazer.  You won’t believe it but my husband does everything in this attire (he mows the lawn, does house work, and has even been caught sleeping in a blazer!)
I of course want Mur-Man to dress well and wanted to add a little style to his wardrobe.  Why not add a tie to a plain t-shirt or onesie (better yet, add a green tie for the holiday).  This craft is easy, a quick fix, and affordable (because many items are already in your craft stash). 
Supplies needed:
Onesie or plain t-shirt
Thread/Sewing Machine

Using the tie pattern, trace and cut your wonder-under.

This is the tie pattern that I created.  The numbers represent inches
Iron the wonder-under onto the wrong side of your fabric (rough side down). 

To conserve your craft supplies--cut the wonder-under to fit the pattern.
Trim the fabric along the edges of the wonder-under leaving no access.

Once cut out--you can iron it onto the shirt. 
Remove the top layer off the wonder-under (you should feel a remaining film on the fabric) and iron the tie onto the shirt or onesie.   
I like to iron a crease into the center of the shirt to help determine placement of the tie. 
Sew around the edge of the tie (you can sew leaving a seam…this will make a more frayed look or zigzag the seam).

My Mur-Man won't get pinched!

My Mur-Man is looking more and more like his Dad and I love that this look allows him to be a PROUD IRISHMAN!  Consider making it yourself.  Simple, affordable, and I think ADORABLE! 
CRAFT TIP:  Make lots of different tie shirts.  The possibilities are endless.  (Be on the lookout for future posts on other decorative kid shirt ideas). 


Kristin said...

Lori-Where do you get the Wonder-Under? I SO want to do this for Cooper tonight and it would be a fantastic idea to make a few for my photography!

WOM-MOMS said...

Hi Kristin: You can actually purchase wonder-under at most fabric stores. I am not sure if walmart carries it, but I do know that the fabric store in the buffalo mall carries it. So does joanne's. Another name for wonder under is fusible interfacing. If you can't find any...let me know and I can loan you a few scraps!

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