March 31, 2011


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I am so excited!  Guess why?  Shaun and I finally finished our island project, which was technically finished a year ago.  What?!?  Well, the island was finished and AWESOME last February, but getting all the other stuff put fully away wasn’t quite done.

My Love

We had a metal rack where we stored baby bottles, sippy cups, snacks, appliances and such in the old kitchen pre-island, and it got 90% cleaned off, but it wasn’t GONE.  So it got stashed this past year in the dining room, obscuring the art we have on the wall, collecting junk, and looking out of place.  BARF.

Look behind me to the left.
Clutter - Ick!

Well, Shaun and I have given lip-service to making either our coat closet or our entryway (which is at the top of the stairs to our condo) into a pantry.  We wanted to put an armoire of sorts in the entryway to hold the coats, then put shelving for a pantry in the coat closet.  But that required a trip to IKEA which we never quite got around to.

Instead, we came home from the grocery store Sunday and Shaun said, “That’s it, we’re getting this metal rack out of here!”  I did a cheer (remember, former cheerleader!)  So we unpacked our groceries and got to work.

In no time at all we had the junk cleared off the rack in the dining room, rolled it by the door (it’s on wheels – ROCK ON!) and started organizing.  We had a bookcase in the entryway, as well as our shoe rack and other miscellaneous things; we cleared it off, organized all of our snacks, baking items, canned goods, wine (yum!) my breadmaker and sewing machine (I like to have it close at all times!) on the newly-positioned rack.

It's full - but it's organized!
And everything right at my fingertips.

Then we moved the bookcase to the landing of our steps and I actually got to put my books on it again, which used to be stashed all over the house!  It looks so great!  Check out my beloved Twilight and cookbooks!

All of my books in one place!
Except the ones in storage from college and such.
'Deceptively Delicious' and 'Better Homes and Gardens' - faves!
'Twilight' next to Tom Clancy next to 'D-Day' - go figure!

Best of all, I have my dining room back.  J

Yeah!  I put my table linens away after I took this picture too. :)

Sorry I don’t have in-process pics.  I was so excited that I didn’t remember to take pictures before and during the work.  Fortunately I have numerous shots of the dining room so you can see the rack in there.

My bedroom, or as I call it, the “disaster” and the “final frontier”, or as Shaun calls it, the “nightmare”, will happen in 2011, I swear!  And the hall closet too – that’s been ignored since 2007 before the girls were born.  Friends, you need to pick something in your house for Mission: Organization too – and email us about it!

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Michelle said...

Awesome Ethne! Good for you! Your dining room looks wonderful :)