April 1, 2011


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“If I could turn back time…..If I could find a way!”  Pretty sure that this is our Quantum Leap theme song courtesy of Cher! 
Guess what?  We are now going a QUANTUM six weeks strong and I have lost 20 pounds

...APRIL FOOLS!  That’s right…my leap has not being going super fast.  But I feel good.
I continue to mall walk and eat well (I have had a few slip-ups…of course) and the built in “cheat/splurge” day are the ticket for me! 

Mur-Man and I mall walking through JC Penneys. 
While mall walking I found a pair of suede boots for $4.00!
I don't have a weigh-in to report to you yet, but I promise to post an actual weight loss amount during the next Leap Day.
Ethne has been eating well, but hasn’t gotten into the exercise thing yet.  However, Shaun recently picked her up to give her a hug and said she was definitely lighter!  YEAH FOR ETHNE!

Ethne and I on the left.  10-year reunion (on my way to my current weight)

Just yesterday my girlfriend Shelley and I signed on the line for spin class.  We are going to spin our way back to our 1996 figures!  So get ready.  I promise to blog about spin class.  Our instructor is Kim (also a WOM-MOM FOLLOWER)!  I can’t wait! 
And Steve…well, not much to report on Steve Bakula.  But I can tell you that he has lost weight and is fitting into shirts that weeks ago were too tight! 

One of my favorite photos of Steve.  Circa:  around 1998
Scott and Steve on the set of Later Today
PS:  If you see a sale on slim fast---please let me know!  Our huge haul from K-Mart is gradually running out!

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