March 4, 2011


Posted by Lori~

OK...we have all seen the FAB work that Ethne has done creating dress re-styles that are magnificent and with a WOM weekend approaching (a few weeks back)...we thought let's do a double-header dress re-style.  Yes, I am going to take my first crack at this and I must admit I am APREHENSIVE!

Originally a joint effort...

And...I unfortunately let the apprehension get the best of me!  The combination of wine club in small town, ND and a lack of creative energy made my first crack a total FLOP!  I may post photos someday...but for now let's look at this WOM-WORTHY dress re-style that Ethne created.  "I can envision warm weather!  So long ND winter!  Hello spring!"

For Ethne’s re-style, it was all about taking in and taking off.  Ethne had REALLY been wanting to re-do a muumuu, and this is the first one she found worthy – its $2.99 pricetag fit the bill too.  I had the vision for this dress.  I suggested that Ethne keep the neckline intact, rip off the sleeves, and take the size in (it was a 1X).

One-pocket muumuu

First attack, Ethne slashed off those sleeves.  This was a PAIN IN THE BUTT.  The original seams were finished off with a serger, so there were about 4 stitches that had to be ripped out.  Ugh!  It took Ethne two days to do this (she had to squeeze it in around the girls’ activites and the twins and a seam ripper are not good bedfellows).

Sweet Baby T-Rex modeling one sleeve - so handsome!

Sans sleeves, she tried it on and determined that she wanted it to be flowing, but proportionate to her size.  She took 2 inches in on either side of the side seams – and discovered one hidden pocket.  It couldn’t be salvaged, though she wouldn’t have minded keeping it.  Rather, it could have been salvaged, but she didn’t want to go to the effort of sewing it in to the new seam.

Pocket must go!

The portion of the neckline that was once attached to the sleeves needed a new seam, so she simply turned the edges under and stitched.  These edges shouldn’t fray.

New neckline seam

Finally, the armholes needed new seams.  Again, Ethne folded the edges in and stitched.

Paired with a camel-colored wide belt and flip-flops, Ethne ventured outside…a steamy 25 degrees today in big city, MN!  Just for you, friends, she posed on her deck.  She told me that getting the perfect shot meant three trips out to the deck with Shaun – he was super excited about that!  And then she ran inside and axed the sundress-wearing until this summer.


(We took a snow shot too.  Without the flash, you can see the snow behind her.)

Go away snow!  I mean it!

And perhaps also this fall – when we go on our vacay from achieving MISSION SUCCESS on our QUANTUM LEAP venture.  Ethne thought this dress would be just right on top of the bikinis we plan to wear!  Can’t you just wait to go bikini shopping with us!?!


Hannah said...

GREAT JOB ETHNE!!! I love what you did with the dress! Taking off the sleeves was a good idea!!! Muumuus are my favorite to re-do cause they have sooooooo much to work with.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Hard to believe it's the same dress!