March 13, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Friday night in North Dakota was CRAZY!  I have heard of blizzards, I’ve lived through blizzards, but this was a BIG blizzard!  Steve, Mur-Man, and I were headed to Grand Forks, ND Friday and luckily left late afternoon and got just ahead of the storm.
Steve cleaning up the snow today

Others didn’t do so well.  There was a huge pile-up on the interstate and hundreds of people were physically stranded in their cars for 12 plus hours.  (This is a reminder to our followers and viewers living in states with snow to always carry a winter survival kit in your car—you just never know when you could get STUCK!).

A view from my back door. 
We were lucky and made it to GF just fine.  We went out to dinner at the Blue Moose and when we left dinner…I COULN’T BELIEVE IT!  The wind was blowing so hard it stung, it physically hurt!  The ice was building, the snow was blowing, and driving was difficult.  It was white out conditions.  We made it to our Priceline hotel room and settled in for the night!
The next day was great.  Mur-Man and I hit Target deals, Old Navy deals, and two thrift stores. 

Mur-Man in his new "mohawk" hat courtesy of Old Navy clearance

Last but not least, we hit Red Pepper (a shout-out to any and all UND alums and lovers of Red Pepper…our family LOVES Red Pepper!).
Mur-Man's first taste of Red Pepper
Be safe!  And get ready for a fantastic WOM-filled week of luck.

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Woo Hoo for the Red Pepper stop!!!! SO YUMMY