March 29, 2011


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I know it is officially spring, but it still feels like winter in our part of the country.  And so…my little Mur-Man (who does have a great head of hair)…needs to keep his skull warm.  They say that heat escapes right through the head. 
First, you must know that there are two baby items that I am officially OBSESSED WITH!  Hats and shoes! 
I LOVE SHOES!  I love searching E-Bay for shoes!  And…my favorite (notice things we LOVE) is Robeez (Ethne’s favorite too). 

Look what I found with a quick search for Robeez (I like to search:  ending soonest)

Mur-Man has gone through several pairs, and I still have lots for him to grow into.  Robeez typically retail for around $25.00, but my pocket-book doesn’t pay that much!  I buy them on E-bay for dirt cheap!  Or I frequent my favorite couponing and deal blogs and they fill me in on the sale. 

Mur-Man's current pairs.  The top two were purchased during a sale at
(passionforsavings told me about the sale) JUST OVER $11.00/PAIR
The bottom pair (zap/pow) were purchased full-price!  I know...I COULDN'T RESIST!  I bought them pre-Mur-Man!
Robeez are GREAT because they are leather, comfortable, easy to put on, and they don’t fall off the feet!  And…the best thing is that I get compliments about Mur-Man’s shoes all the time!  SO WOMS AND MOMS—CONSIDER BUYING A PAIR!

Mur-Man will grow into these.  Purchased for around $20.00 for all three!
I love purchasing lots of shoes (versus one pair)
Enough about Robeez!  Now for the OWL HAT!
Don’t forget—Mur-Man had a SUPER POWERED FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY COMPLETE WITH SUPER HERO CAPES FOR ALL HIS FRIENDS!  They were made with solid primary colored fleece and we had a stash of scraps left-over.
During a visit to my hometown, my mom (Crafty G-Ma) and I decided to construct a hat…but I wanted an owl hat.  My girlfriend Stacey (mom of Super C) had a knitted owl hat made for Super C. 


It is ADORABLE, but I unfortunately am not skilled at knitting (something that I would LOVE learn someday!).
And so fleece will do the trick and here it goes…
First cut your fleece to fit.  It may take a few tries to get the right dimensions for your child’s head.  My Mur-Man has a large head (FULL OF BRAINS!).

This was Mur-Man's pattern folded in half.  You would need to cut two.
Keep in mind--you will need to make the pattern to fit your child's head.
Make sure you cut out all parts of the hat:  main hat, brim, eyes (X2), and nose.

Make parts larger or bigger--based on the size of the hat.  You will need two of each circle.
Using a blanket stitch (or a zig zag) sew the hat and the parts on!  Super simple and easy! 

You could add fringes to the ears or pom poms!  Make it your own!
And best of all it cost me practically nothing…I had a stash of fabric ready to use.  But if you have to purchase fabric…you won’t need very much!  People will HOOT when your child enters the room!  SO GO FOR IT!

PS:  A shout-out to Kelly (one of our WOM-MOM followers)!  Thank you for allowing me to "steal" the cute "look hoot's here" line from your baby card!  (At least I think I did!)

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WOM-MOMS said...

Hey Friends - I just thought of an extra money-saving tip. When you buy fabric for an owl hat, check the remnant bins. When a bolt of fabric (fleece included) is used up to the point that there isn't 1 yard's worth left, they fold it into a remnant piece and sell it for a deep discount. I've found all sorts of stuff there for my scrap size projects. ~E