March 24, 2011


Posted by Lori~
By now, you all should know that Ethne and I L.O.V.E. a good deal and a steal!  AND SO WE SAY...IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR COUPON ON!  Over the summer, I started couponing.   I started researching and I wanted to learn how to coupon.  I drooled over those experts that could go shopping and make money!  That’s right—they would walk away with money in their pocket.  And so I started.  At first, it took time.  At first, I was stressed.
But then I got it.  Like Oprah always says…I had an “ah-hah” moment.  And so I have started to teach others what I have learned. 
Some of our first coupon class participants! 
Ready to go into the world and SAVE MONEY!

I started by teaching a class (along with my FAB thrifty co-worker Kristi) at the college where I work in little city, North Dakota.  And we plan to take this show on the road.  Be on the lookout for coupon class announcements.

Monica and her brand new COUPON ORGANIZER! 
Monica tells me she is already saving BIG!
Not only that but I have saved money…I recently started tracking my couponing from January 1 to mid-February.  And the savings are GREAT!  Trust—me Steve appreciates it too.

storetotal (pre-coupon)total (after coupons)total savings
So WOM-MOMS the lesson is to start couponing, utilize our favorite blogs,, and  They will tell you how to save, what coupons to use, and where to get the best deals.  Start buying a Sunday paper, clipping, and saving. 
Trust both Ethne and I—the savings versus the time spent are totally worth it!  I roughly get paid $50.00/hour to coupon!  Pretty good—right?

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Call me Kate said...

Lori, can you blog some time about store brand vs. generic? Sometimes I get coupons, but even with the $1off or whatever, the store brand is still cheaper than purchasing the name-brand version. Thoughts?


Your loyal reader,