March 20, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

Hey Friends!

Guess what?  Shaun, the kids and I went to Super Target today for a few groceries and we couponed!  It didn't take me much time to pull the coupons to go with our list (I already had them cut and in my organizer) before we left.  

Except for a few things (which I had coupons for) we forgot to put on the list, we otherwise stuck to the list and the coupon savings racked up! 

We spent $178.30, and I had $21.25 in coupons and in-store savings - total bill: $157.05!  I'm so proud of us for thinking ahead and having a few extra bucks in our pocket for something else we need.

We'll see you this week!  :)

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Katie's Creations said...

Did you know that you can goto and print off coupons just for Target? I picked up wipes and diapers and saved $7 with a coupon from their site. I LOVE Target!