March 13, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

KD and Easy Mac's hair is super fine, so keeping it back from their faces can be a constant challenge - until I came up with my own hairstyle!  Shrek ears!

KD before the Christmas mullet

This can be done using two full pigtails (no hair remaining down) or two half pigtails (lower half of hair remaining down).  Secure the pigtails with a hair binder - just like normal.

The trick is to twist the hair around your finger, then coil it into a mini bun around itself.  Secure with another hair binder and it'll stay all day!  

Of course, I think giving them the name Shrek ears is totally kid friendly - and the girls ask for this hairstyle by name.  

Hair is free of chocolate!

We can also use this technique for hair curling, too.  Leave the Shrek ears in overnight and take out in the morning and it'll be loose curls!  There's nothing this WOM loves more than a fuss-free cute hairstyle on the twins!

Now, we just have to wait till KD's hair grows out from the mullet she gave herself on Christmas Eve.

Shrek = green - perfect for St. Patty's Day!  

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