March 3, 2011


Posted by Lori~
When researching coupon deals—you will find several promotions through Facebook.   Remember my favorite coupon/deal blogs:  Valley Deal Seekers, Freebies to Deals, and Passion for Savings.  They are always promoting a coupon deal on Facebook, but the catch is that you have to LIKE the product. 
My issue with this always was that I don’t necessarily LOVE something enough to LIKE it.  So—I would typically avoid these deals…that is until now!  My fabulous thrifty co-worker Kristi taught me the un-liking method.
Here are the steps:
1. Feel free to like products when they offer good deals/coupons, because you can UN-LIKE THEM!
    Ben and Jerry's is offering a HIGH VALUE COUPON! 
LOOK--just by "liking" them I received a $1.50 off coupon!  

2.  Once you have liked a product—go to your profile/info page.
3.  Under activities/Interests you will find a listing of products/companies/etc. that you have liked.

On my information page, Ben and Jerry's now shows up under Activities and Interests

4.  Double-click on the item
5.  Once at the bottom of the product page—on the left you will find an unlike button.  Click UNLIKE!

See the "unlike" botton!
I have my HIGH VALUE COUPON and I now have the option to "re-like"  Ben and Jerry's

VOILA!  THERE YOU HAVE IT!  FACEBOOK DEALS GALORE!   You don’t have to change your status or your interests to score a HIGH VALUE DEAL!  LIKE AWAY!

PS:  Don't forget to "like" wom-moms on facebook!  And please...don't use the "unlike" method.  :)

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