March 17, 2011

DOUBLE-HEADER FRIDAY: Leap Day: Mall Walkin’!

Posted by Lori~
It’s been two weeks since Mission Quantum Leap kicked off and Ethne has informed me that I better get my butt in gear, because WE WILL BE GOING SOMEWHERE WARM over Thanksgiving!  And I can’t let my Ethne down!  Or myself down.  This body needs to Quantum Leap back to 1996.
So here is an update on how it has been going.  I am feeling good and feeling thin (I tell my speech students to positive self-talk all the time) and I think it is important to tell myself “I am looking good.”

One of my go-to snacks!

Our major goals included eating five servings of fruits and veggies (have I hit five?  Not sure, but I can tell you that I am eating a lot more veggies than pre-leap!).  I have been drinking more water and have upped the intake. 

My first lunch after Quantum Leap launch.  Notice all the veggies!
Another great thing that happened is that I found a STEAL on slim fast shakes.  That’s right—I found them for $2.00 a six pack which is about a $4.00 savings.  Granted they were almost expired, but they are for sure doing the trick for Steve and I.

Slim fast and water--the "ticket" to a major LEAP!
As far as working out…I haven’t reached my total goal of three times a week.  However, I have incorporated mall walkin’ into my routine.  My girlfriend Danica and I are hitting the mall hard and loving it.  The added bonus is that Mur-Man likes to mall walk too.  Yes, I am a mall walker!

Yes...we are grooving!
I am ready to start week three of Mission Quantum Leap.  There will be more Leap Days coming up…so be on the lookout. 
PS:  Steve is looking more and more like Scott Bakula every day!


Melisa said...

I need a quantum leap too! Good luck, Lori. Your posts are encouraging me!

Katie's Creations said...

I agree, your posts are encouraging! I discovered last week that they make chocolate mint almonds ~ they are perfect treat for my sweet tooth without being loaded full of sugar!