March 7, 2011


Posted by Lori and Ethne~
"We've got spirit...yes we do!  We've got about you?"

Our moms cheered for us...and you guessed it...
we will FOR SURE CHEER for our kids!
You can’t forget that Ethne and I are former cheerleaders!  If you knew us—you would know!  We are enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!  INCLUDING OUR ALMA MATERS!
Lori is a graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead (located on the Fargo/Moorhead border) and proud of it!  When Mur-Man was born, she told the alumni office and she received a Baby Dragon shirt for her little miracle!  SWEET! 

My little Mur-Man!

What a GREAT way to promote school spirit!

Mur-Man boogies with Super C at his first superbowl party!

Ethne is a graduate of St. Olaf College (located in Northfield) in Minnesota!  She started promoting Olaf to the girls in utero - and Grandpa Paul and Grandma Connie made sure the girls had t-shirts stat.  She will do whatever she can to make sure they become a legacy family.  UM YA YA!

So sweet at age one!
Last but not least...both Steve and Lori work for a college and of course Mur-Man is constantly decked out in Jimmie Gear!
Even Roger got in on the action!
Back view!
The moral of the story...cheer for something!  Encourage your family to support a team!  Trust's great fun and TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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