March 5, 2011


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There is an issue that Lori and I feel strongly about - supporting our American Servicemen and Servicewomen!  No matter how you feel politically, that makes no difference.  Americans are serving their country around the world and they make us PROUD!

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Unfortunately, the Department of Defense has canceled the "Any Service Member" program for safety reasons, but you can still help.

If you know any person who has a family member in Afghanistan or elsewhere, ask them for his or her name and Air/Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office (APO/FPO) address.  Whether you know the person well or not, they will be so grateful.

My college girlfriends and I have a roommate (K.D.) whose husband (M.D.) served twice in Iraq.  While he was deployed, we got together a couple of times and sent him care packages.  We included snacks, magazines, and other box-size items.  We got some chuckles putting the packages together - we wanted him to chuckle when he opened it too.  :)

According to the US Post Office ( follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the service member's full name.

Step 2: Include the unit and APO or FPO and nine digit zip code (i.e. 12345-6789).

Step 3: Include your return address.

Step 4: For packages, print on one side only.

My Step: Put in a thank you note.

Postage label:  Can be purchased online at 'Click-N-Ship'.

Example address:   SGT Jane Doe
                              CMR 1234
                             APO AA 12345-6789

God Bless America!

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